About Dan Shier

Currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Shier has completed his Bachelors of Arts in Visual Arts from the University of Regina with a personal focus in Print Media and Intermedia work. His involvement in campus life included working at the University of Regina Students’ Union as their Senior Graphic Designer and volunteering at the UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity as their External Relations chair and Designer. Shier has recently completed his position with the Students’ Union as their 2012 Welcome Week Festival Coordinator and has moved on to new employment with Capital Ford Lincoln, in Regina, as their Graphic Designer and Digital Communications Specialist.

Shier’s interests include print and digital media, design, photography, technology, marketing, and travel. Many of Shier’s skills are self-learned and fine-tuned through his academic experience and online research. Starting at a young age, he has been creating digital images by adapting the tools made available to him. While still in elementary school, he became interested in web and graphic design. Using Yahoo GeoCities’ visual site maker and a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements that came with his home scanner, he began making websites with his friends and for his classmates. Much of this was accomplished through trial and error and following online tutorials as graphic design and website development wasn’t something taught in elementary school. Despite this, he continued to work past challenges in order to accomplish his goals.

One of Shier’s passions is to use his skills to benefit and better community organizations. One such example involves his time as a board member of the UR Pride Centre, a campus LGBTQ resource centre at the University of Regina. Shier was involved in various projects and campaigns, including one to fully rebrand the organization and develop a new campus identity. Continuing the work of a past board member, Shier lead the rebranding project and today, the Pride Centre is one of the most visible and prominent centres on campus.

Shier has also recently been involved with the Regina Pride Committee, another non-profit group that organizes an annual pride festival for the City of Regina. His role as Marketing Director involved working with his team to develop a new identity for the organization and work on ways to bring a new presence to the city. Shier also developed a five-year business plan for the organization; a class project for a course at the University. the plan’s intent was to help provide the resources the organization needed to grow and prosper as it was recovering from years of poor management.

Shier’s dream is to continue working in graphic design and photography. The challenges and opportunities that come with working in design are some of the reasons why he puts the time and effort into his projects. The ability to make work that’s seen by the masses and can evoke emotion is exciting!