Art Work

I currently hold a Bachelors of Arts in Visual Arts from the University of Regina.

As an artist, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring different mediums, researching different artists, and learning about being a successful artist. I’ve come to identify as a Print and Intermedia artist – using digital media and print technologies to express my work.

In addition to these media, I also have a hand in photography. While I do shoot landscapes and portraits, I also like to experiment with the photographic process and my camera is often in Manual mode. I’m often out at night taking long-exposure shots and exploring the capabilities of my camera.

My style is fairly consistent. An exploration in perspective, line, shape, and colour. The use of positive and negative space as well as the use of lenses to view works in different ways is also an integral part of my work. Lately, I’ve also been experimenting with scale. Although the opportunities are few, I enjoy the idea of creating works that fill up an entire room or building.