In Winter 2012, I enrolled in an intermediate level Intermedia course. Our theme for the semester was “Play” with projects that explored game modification, childhood experiences, and for me, an opportunity to explore a new aspect of visual arts that I had not had the chance to work in.


3D Twister (Game Modification)

3D Twister was a game modification of the original Hasbro game. This version expanded the playing surface onto adjacent wall surfaces. It also included “Twister Suits” which players wore. The suits had matching coloured dots to make others playable surfaces. The project’s intent was to explore the relation of the game with personal space, comfort, and the sexual undertones of the game when played amongst the adult crowd.


Line, Space & Tape: An Experimentation with Tape (Gallery Installation)

Our second project was a site installation at the Rob Bos Gallery. Our projects were created in conjunction with writings from Playwright in Residence Yevette Knolan. My installation was a series of tape work in response to my childhood obsession with tape. This is my first attempt to use tape as a medium. Artists that I referenced include Felice Varini, Shuetsue Sato, Alex Peemoeller, and Panya Espinal.