Print Media

I started my post-secondary career as a visual arts student at the University of Regina. Through exploring different aspects of the program, I stumbled upon their Print Media offerings. I concentrated most of my academic time in Print Media courses to make myself familiar with the world of print and explore the medium in my practices.

Stereoscopic Images

Using common 3D theatre glasses, I created a series of prints that merged two images into one cyan/magenta blend. The result was a series of works that could be viewed using glasses to see a different components including “hidden” words or symbols. For some works, the glasses were modified so that both eye pieces were the same colour.

Line & Shape

My personal style is an aesthetic of using solid lines and colours with simple geometric shapes. Over the years, I’ve created many works that represent this. Below are a set of abstract works that try to use simple shapes to create a feeling of depth and a series of self portraits called “Identity” which simplify my head to a gesture of my hair. The original is then used to create representations of different aspects of my identity.