U of R Students’ Union

URSU-FCDuring my time at the University of Regina, I was fortunate to have been employed by the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU). Since starting with the organization in 2008, I had held titles such as Graphic Designer, Communications Coordinator, Senior Graphic Designer, and Welcome Week Coordinator. My role was primarily involved in graphic design.

My responsibilities included: developing and maintaining the identity for both the Students’ Union and The Owl (the campus bar), producing posters and advertisements for the Union, The Owl, and various campus clubs, publishing the annual Student Handbook, and coordinating the 2012 University of Regina Welcome Week.

As the sole director of the visual identity, I was allowed to experiment with new ideas, develop plans, and create the image that the union has today. I became involved in more than just graphic design, as my tech-savvy background played a key role in establishing URSU’s social media networks, updating its website, and purchasing  branded URLs for URSU and The Owl.

Rebrand Project

Welcome Week Project

Handbook Project