Work Experience

My experience in print and digital design started as early as age 14. Through high school, I taught myself Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign while being involved in the Yearbook club. I learned HTML and web design with my friends as we made our little homes on the web. As I got more involved in high school, I began making videos and graphics that were displayed during student events, assemblies, and other functions. I left high school having helped publish 4 volumes of the high school yearbook and providing the school with a refreshed, vector copy of their logo which is still used today.

In university, I sought similar opportunities to get involved. I got involved with the campus Pride Centre and became their External Relations Chair and found a job at the Students’ Union as their graphic designer. Both jobs gave me the responsibility of representing organizations to the student body and enabled me to produce work that would be on display across the campus.

Today, I continue to seek out new opportunities and challenges. During the day, I work for Capital Automotive Group producing campaigns and assets to meet the needs of each store. During my off-hours, I volunteer my time with Regina Pride, Inc. as their Marketing Director and work to produce an annual festival for the city to enjoy.