Regina Pride, Inc.

Regina Pride, Inc.Regina Pride, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to plan and host the Queen City Pride Festival in Regina, Saskatchewan. I joined the Board of Directors in Fall 2011.

My current role with Regina Pride, Inc. as the Marketing Director involves coordinating all aspects of promotion for the festival. I also bring my knowledge and experience in event management, sponsorship, and non-profit organization administration to the organization.

As the liaison member to the national pride body, Fierté Canada Pride, I am also responsible for keeping the organization up to date with news from across the country and attending the national AGM and conference.

The Queen City Pride Festival

Regina Pride plans an annual festival that celebrates Regina’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans* community and culture. The Festival spans an entire week in the month of June and is quickly growing in size. It incorporates events and activities planned by various groups and organizations in the city along with events planned by Regina Pride.

The Queen City Pride Festival requires countless hours of volunteer work from a team of dedicated individuals. Planning starts a couple months after the previous festival ends. My tasks include developing the look and feel of the festival’s image, keeping the social media steams flowing, and being a leader in our sponsorship and planning efforts.

Outside the festival, Regina Pride also hosts numerous fundraising events to keep momentum up and ensure a perpetual community presence.