UR Pride Centre

The UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity is a non-profit, student-run organization at the University of Regina. I became a member of this organization in 2008 and soon took on a position as a member of the board.

My involvement with the centre focused primarily on my skills in design and media. After offering to assist with website development, I soon became a key player in developing the brand, producing artwork, and eventually taking over responsibilities for all media. I joined UR Pride while it was still called “GBLUR”. Designer Joel Derksen was responsible for the design of the new butterfly logo and finished his program as I stepped in. From that point forward, I was responsible for maintaining and developing Joel’s original designs, updating it to suit the new UR Pride name and look.

My final role in the organization, at the point where my term ended, was chair of the External Relations committee. I lead the organization through its rebranding in 2010 from “GBLUR”, developed and maintained a visual identity, and worked to ensure that future board members would be able to continue with the work.

 UR Pride Referendum: Vote YES! Campaign

In 2012, the UR Pride Centre held a referendum which asked whether U of R students wished to introduce a new student levy to fund the Centre. To promote the referendum and explain the Centre’s case, this “Vote YES!” campaign was created.


Canadian University Queer Services Conference 2012

In May 2012, UR Pride hosted the Canadian University Queer Services Conference, a 5-day event that brought students from across Canada together in order to learn and collaborate on improving support and services for LGBTQ students in their own universities. My role was as Communications Director was to create all printed materials, the website, and coordinate delegate hospitality.


T-Shirt Designs

During my time at UR Pride, I created t-shirt designs that would accompany campaigns and also be available to sell at fundraisers. The following are some designs that were both printed and not.